Friday, 30 November 2018

On the 29 novba we went to Adrenalin Forest and me and my friend Caleb went on the highest leve and it was fun but I got stack at one part but my friend Caleb help me get a cors the tricky part and then we were fing and me and Caleb were the first people that fished the hardest leve and I do not like hights that are 25 or 26 meters in the ere and me and Caleb done it.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

By Logan

For passion projects we are doing a football tournament with Hornby Primary School. Over my journey doing this so far i have learnt and worked with people i don't work with in a daily occasion. I have learnt different skills that are needed to work as a group and keeping on topic. We have written our letter to send to the Primary school to inform them on the activity. We have made a google form so we can see if the students want to join in with this activity and we have created a slide that has different skills and tricks that you can do to fool the others. This helps me/my group get closer to the final goal and to achieve this.  Our next step is to make arrangements with the Primary School so then we can finalize a date to do this activity.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Walt: we had to be the dog or the girl in the song happier

I just had my 10th birthday and my uncool got me a bow and i did not know
why i got a bow but then. My uncool had a dog and his name was Mello i had my dog do some tricks and he can roll over and shake hands with you and 20 years later my dog got sick and he died and then. I had a baby girl and on her 10th birthday i got her a bow and she looked sad and then her uncool came out with and. Dog and then i got so happy i cried of happiness and that is the end of my being the girl on the song happier.

When we done this i thought it was daum but at the end it was cool

what am I looking forward to do at camp

I am looking forward for adrenalin forest and me and Caleb will have so much fun because we love to run
a round at break time and do all sort of stuff. Then we will not have to be all full of energy and then we
will not annoy the teacher and miss Birtch will be so happy that she doesn't have to run after me and


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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

What can I get with $50

Dear Emma
My name is Logan from Hornby high school

And I am here to conveins you to give me $50 dollars to spend on fortnite so i can get v-bucks and then I can buy new skins and if you do this I will be very happy and if you did give me it I would drop to the ground and be so happy and that is why you should give me the $50 dollars for v-bucks.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

My raft

Walt: we had to design a raft that can hold 3 or more people

Thursday, 8 November 2018


Does blogging help your learning?
I think blogging does not help you to learning all you do is writing and put your work online and letting people writing nice or mean comment on your work that is online.